May. 28th, 2011

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One thing about me, I am consistent. You could set your watch by me.

Here it is, Memorial Day weekend and I woke up feeling all nostalgic about Supernatural. I remember it was exactly one year ago, also on Memorial Day Weekend, that I wrote my last SPN Nostalgia Post.

Then I was talking with [ profile] tazical and mentioned the exact moment I knew I was an SPN fan -- the scene in "Folsom Prison Blues" when Dean got billy-clubbed by the prison warden. I'm so glad I recorded that moment for posterity. I was flocking all my posts back then, but I've gone back and unflocked that one because it really needs to be out there, now that I've been in this thing for almost FOUR years. God...FOUR YEARS! Plenty of people have marriages that don't last that long.

Since then I've spent what must be hundreds of hours online talking about this show. I've written one AU standalone, one gen epic, one John Winchester backstory, and one little episode coda that wound up turning into an endless multi-story Dean/Cas saga. I've even written RPS, for God's sake. I've drunk an awful lot of chardonnay at [ profile] baylorsr's house while cackling over Smallville and Dark Angel. I've gone on a terrifying (but very motivating) tour of Detroit. I ate cake in a snowstorm on Jared's wedding day and shamefully, got all melancholy at an ashram on Jensen's wedding day. I've written this show off at least a half-dozen times only to find myself crawling back for more.

What can I say? I'm in it for the long haul. In fact, this year, I think I've gotten back to my roots because I've realized that it's really all about Dean. It's always been all about Dean. No wonder I dig Castiel. We both love Dean so very, very much.

Now I think I'm going to spend the weekend watching Seasons One and Two on DVD. Ah, the memories.


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