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Let's admit first off that the only reason the episode has this title is because the writers are once again getting their rocks off tweaking fans, because it really doesn't apply in any way to the content of this episode. I mean, obviously, there was never going to be any "slash" in our meaning of the word, and the literal slashing that went on was no more abundant than in any other episode.

I just want to insert the word "sigh" whenever I say Sera Gamble's name because that's how I hear it in my head these days: "Sera-Gamble-Sigh." At last, it seems, we've gotten up to the purported "Butch and Sundance" theme of this season and it's little more than a retread of ground that was covered way back in "Skin" and "Night Shift"...with the exception that it seems to have been wrapped up in this episode, since the FBI and all concerned think the boys really are dead this time. So how they're going to keep the "outlaw" theme up for the rest of the season is beyond me, but it's possible that Sera-Gamble-Sigh may have already forgotten about it except for the passing reference in this week's ep.

This is the second episode now where we've had a montage of episodes from past seasons, this time around from the first few episodes of Season One, and I don't know what that's supposed to mean other than an attempt to remind us all why we fell in love with SPN in the first place. It has an air of desperation to it, like a couple trapped in a dying marriage looking through photo albums and hoping memories of the good times will keep them together. To me, it also feels like they're trying to remind us of a time when Castiel was not an integral part of the story and I'm sure that works for some viewers but it doesn't work for me. I still miss him.

I AM a sucker though, and I did greatly enjoy and LOL at Dean surreptitiously singing along to dreadful '80s soft rock. I swear, Jensen can sell anything. Speaking of which, I have a new co-worker who used to work at Soap Opera Digest and she was telling me how at SOD, most of the advertising revolved around "the talent" and all I could think about were those two awful Soap Opera Digest ads Jensen did in his Days of our Lives time, one in which he was hawking that necklace from Titanic and the other where he was schilling ladies' face cream with his mother. Unfortunately, my colleague was not at SOD during the Ackles-face-cream era. Good thing for her because she would now be my new best friend.

I was kind of intrigued by who this Dick fellow might be -- is he a Leviathan too, and is this finally the "terrifying hit man" we were promised? If so, why is someone so powerful that he can tell the King of Hell to fuck off so hell-bent on taking out the Winchesters? I won't get too worked up about it because I'm sure Sera-Gamble-Sigh will find a way to make this wholly uninteresting and most likely senseless.

Speaking of senseless, I don't really know what was the point of those murderous Sam-and-Dean doppelgangers except to allow the show to briefly turn the Winchesters into "outlaws" so that Sera-Gamble-Sigh could work in a Butch and Sundance reference. If "Dick" wants the Winchesters dead then there must be more expeditious ways to do it than making them the target of a national manhunt, which stood more chance of landing them in supermax instead of the morgue. And now the authorities just think the Winchesters are dead, which closes that avenue to the Leviathans or whoever Dick represents.

I'm sure we're supposed to be quite stunned at Sam walking away from Dean there at the end but that's another thing I'm not going to get worked up about because I'm sure it'll be more or less forgotten by next week. And I don't know how or why Sam can be so offended by Dean killing some chick who essentially meant nothing to Sam and whom he hadn't even seen in about twenty years, and I guess I can understand Sam being upset at Dean lying to him but come on...why does Sam of all people get to be upset about lies? We're just back at Sam coming across like a petulant kid while we all feel sorry for Dean, and at this point, I really don't know what it would take to make Sam likable again.

I know what I do like, though, and here it is, courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] midnight_road

That's from last week, and yeah, it's gratuitous, and yeah, I know the show's manipulating me but really...I'm okay with it. Except for the fact that I just want to curl right up next to that and snuggle, and I can't, which is most definitely not okay, but I'm reading a lot of philosophical stuff about how important it is to have the "right desires" in order to have a happier life and so I'm just going to work on understanding that this a desire that will not lead me to fulfillment but in the meantime I'm sure as hell going to enjoy the view.
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