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Nov. 13th, 2011 09:54 am
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It's so gratifying to see that Sera Gamble is living up to her dedication not to be redundant this season by telling us "fresh new" stories about how fans are ugly and crazy and pathetically sex-starved and oh, let's not forget ugly as in "Who would ever want to be with this person ugly", as in "She can only get someone as hot as Sam Winchester via black magic and abduction ugly," as in OMG THIS POOR ACTRESS IS NOT EVEN UGLY SO THEY HAVE TO PUT HER IN FRUMPY CLOTHES AND HAVE HER MAKING ALL KINDS OF STUPID FACES AND THEN HAVE ONE CHARACTER AFTER ANOTHER TELL US THAT SHE'S SOOOOOOO UGLY.

I'm glad I was watching this at [livejournal.com profile] baylorsr's house because being away for the weekend and having a few glasses of wine really dulled the disgust I would have felt over this episode. Not that it should surprise me, given it was another Dabb & Loflin script, but it was repulsive even by their standards. I don't even know what this episode was doing here or why ANYONE thought it was necessary to bring Becky back into the show for the sole purpose of humliating her and, by extension, fandom, since she's our "avatar" or so I've heard.

At the very least, I hope this finally pops the bubble of delusion that Becky is some kind of big affectionate shoutout to fans. I mean for God's sake, not only is Becky supposed to be repellent and sexually predatory, but even her encyclopedic knowledge of the Winchesters' work is made into a joke -- in past episodes, this was depicted as something of an asset, but this time around, the mere fact that she was hunting with Sam was considered ridiculous. One wonders if we were dealing with more mature writers, would they have created a fan character who would actually become an ally in the field precisely BECAUSE she was fan? Such thinking seems to be beyond the reach of these jerks, who only want to make fun of this character because she's so ugly and pathetic and can't get a man without kidnapping him.

I'd wonder how the fuck Becky even FOUND Sam when he's supposed to be dead, and as [livejournal.com profile] baylorsr pointed out, why did they need an annulment when Sam's legally dead? For that matter, how the fuck did he MARRY her when he's legally dead? Oh LOL, never mind such silly particulars, because the writers sure didn't -- they were too busy cracking jokes about how HILARIOUS it is for someone as ugly as Becky to go after someone as hot as Sam. LMAO, she can't get him without selling her soul and drugging him! Because she's gross! And dresses funny! And reads stupid horror novels! OMG the laughs write themselves!!!

Speaking of ugly, the genuinely unattractive DJ Qualls was on board, inexplicably billed as a "Special Guest Star," which leads me to believe he must be a friend of Dabb or Loflin or both, because he's hardly a "get" casting-wise. His character didn't even make sense -- since when has Dean needed to team up with a "temp" when he doesn't have Sam around? I'm convinced that the only reason his character was created was so that the writers could suggest at the end of the episode that this weaselly little creature was far more in Becky's league -- which I knew they were going to do as soon as I saw him.

There was only one redeemable moment in the entire episode and that was Dean's sweater-vest. I mean, the whole sweater-vest/tweed jacket combo was simply charming, but really, it was all about the sweater-vest (Quipped [livejournal.com profile] baylorsr "Is he Giles now?") Either Dean IS Giles, or SPN's wardrobe department has been raiding Jensen's closet. Will we next be seeing Dean in Jensen's golf attire? Perhaps some argyle and khakis? Paired with mandals?

Seriously, where did that thing come from? It was thoroughly out of character but it looked so soft and snuggly. He looked so cozy in it. It was just delightful! I want to write fic about Dean's sweater-vest. I want to write a 100,000-word epic in which all the action takes place somewhere cold and yet a little formal that requires the wearing of an endless succession of soft, snuggly sweater-vests.

But I guess that would make me kind of a pathetic "deranged groupie" wouldn't it? Yeah, it would. So maybe I should forget about this whole thing and go out and get myself some hottie clothes and a better haircut and try to find a little skeevy guy who's in my league. That's a much better idea.
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