Jan. 8th, 2012 12:52 am
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I've just spent the past hour or so discovering that there seems to be a not-so-small army of people out there that hates my guts for a vast array of reasons including:

1. I'm an EDG (which I assume means Extreme Dean Girl)
2. I'm an ECG (Extreme Castiel Girl?)
3. I'm an ESH (Extreme Sam Hater?)
4. I'm a frothing-at-the-mouth misogynist bitch.
5. I was the subject of an Elijah Wood wank seven years ago
6. I spell the abbreviation of Castiel's name as "Cass" instead of the fandom-approved "Cas"
7. They don't like someone who comments in my LJ (and every one of my commenters is, apparently, my "bosom buddy")
8. They're convinced that I spend my time trolling anonymous communities (they keep saying "hi" to people they think are me, anyway)
9. I'm a BNF
10. My icon is scary (I agree with this, but it's hardly a reason to dislike someone)
11. Myriad other reasons
12. All of the above

Of all of these, the BNF thing is the most puzzling. When was I ever a BNF in this fandom? When was I ever a BNF in any fandom. Huh? Then again, maybe I am a BNF if I have such a battalion of "haters."

How could all of this stuff have been sitting out there for months and I didn't know about it? I last checked that Yandex thing on the LJ homepage just a couple of months ago and none of this showed up and since yesterday I can suddenly see pages of it. WTF, LiveJournal? You're supposed to keep me informed about this shit.

Y'all are fucking nuts. I'm gonna stick to posting pictures of my new cat. Or not. Because then I'd be "batshit crazy Oselle-the-cat-lady" on top of everything else, right? Jeez.

In even more disturbing news, today my father told me that he plans to vote for Ron Paul. Ron Paul!


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