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Jan. 8th, 2012 01:18 pm
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I read this recently and it struck a chord: "You can never live a life of meaning and purpose until you fully grasp and live this truth: the core of a fulfilled life is knowing that every moment is a choice."

For nearly nine years, I've chosen -- usually almost every day -- to come to LiveJournal and today, I've made the choice to quit. After such a long time, and to remove any temptation to take up this habit again, I want to make it official.

I have a new and very demanding job, I have freelancing writing assignments on most weekends, I recently got suckered into adopting a cat who is rapidly turning my home into a giant hairball, and I've still got my aged parents and my own not-great health to consider and so it's time. It's just time. I was offline for nearly two months and I didn't miss it, and when I came back I suddenly discovered all that anonymous vitriol and I thought, this is it. This is the sign telling me that it's time to go.

To you folks who like to talk about me behind the screen of anonymity, if you want to laugh at me flouncing, place bets on how soon I'll be back, or indulge in delusions that I'm still around and wanking away with you anonymously or under a new LJ handle, you go right ahead. To the handful of you who obviously felt the need to lurk around my journal so that you could keep tabs on me, consider this a gift. I'm giving you a piece of your life back. Try to make a good choice about what you do with it.

To the friends I've made here who became friends in RL, thank you bringing new fellowship, ideas and experiences into my life. I know we'll stay in touch. I especially have to mention [ profile] baylorsr for her constant friendship, talent, taste in music, excellent hospitality and too many gifts to mention over the years. We're still on for February, so don't think I'm canceling that.

And to all those who have read my stories, whether they were Supernatural, Birthright or Lord of the Rings, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for the extraordinary opportunity to serve, and to give what I hope was the best of myself.


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