Date: 2011-10-02 06:33 am (UTC)
I know I’m talking to a devoted Castiel fan here, but TBH, I’ve always had mixed feelings about him. In case you can’t tell yet, I’m definitely one of those fans who lives in the past. I’ll always wonder what the show would have been if the writers’ strike hadn’t happened and if Kripke was serious about Sam saving Dean from Hell if they’d had more time. And all the angel-related storylines did take things off on such a tangent it almost felt like a different show – which is why I agree with you that the best thing they could’ve done for Cas was gone through with the idea behind The End, if they were gonna keep him.

But I liked the character. He was as intimidating as a warrior of Heaven should be, when his faith was tested I empathized, when his turned his back on his brethren I cheered, when he ultimately became the angel on Dean’s shoulder he said he’d never be it felt right, and when problems bigger than the Winchesters threatened Heaven Castiel was practical in distancing himself from them, I think. Shit, you were right, there were times when his character development topped the show’s two leads, and Collins played him so fucking well! It reminds me of my feelings about Stargate SG-1; the final two seasons sucked, but I really liked Cameron Mitchell, the new character they built those seasons around. I wish I’d met Cam on a different show (like Stargate Atlantis,) and I wish they’d done something different with Cas.

I am gonna miss him, and it was both touching and fitting that Dean picked up the coat and will probably either bury or keep it; it will not just go in the damned trash.
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