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Jan. 28th, 2011 08:13 pm
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The CW is a stupid network. I mean it. There's a reason they're known in the industry as a "netlet" instead of a real network. They clearly have no confidence in their own programming if they think they have to re-broadcast two shows (Vampire Diaries and Nikita) that just aired last night because American Idol also aired on Thursday. I don't know about Nikita but VD has a solid following and I'm sure that show's fans tuned in to it regardless of American Idol. Additionally, no one at the CW seems to be aware of the phenomenon of TiVo and DVR and even the hoary old VCR, which (hold onto your hats!) magically allow viewers to record one show and then watch another! What astounding wonders of the modern age!

In addition to proving that they have no faith in their own lineup, they also confuse and frustrate viewers by shuffling shows around, and especially by cancelling the premieres of two of their lone flagship shows in order to air repeats of episodes that, again, just aired last night. Plus, they're giving genre-TV fans (like me) yet another chance to check out Fringe on FOX at 9:00, and quite possibly decide that's more worth watching on Friday nights than SPN.

On top of it, I'm sure that everyone at the CW knows that even their most popular shows ALWAYS land at the bottom of the overnight ratings, not only being trounced by "the big four" (NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX), but often coming in behind even the Spanish telenovelas on Univision. So I fail to see why American Idol on Thursday night suddenly became such a panic-inducing game changer to them. They are going to be dead last no matter what.

If this was Dawn Ostroff's decision then I hope it's her last one before she leaves the network. I am not so much annoyed at SPN not being on tonight, as I am really amazed by such embarrassing decision making. I'm not aware that any other network felt the need to immediately reshuffle its lineup because of FOX's programming. The CW might as well put out a press release that says, "Our shows suck and they can't hold their own."

How do these people get their jobs? I really wonder.


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