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From SpoilerTV:

"Episode 7.03 of Supernatural will be called "The Girl Next Door"

A young girl called Amy is being cast for the episode who will appear in flashbacks of Sam. Sam saved her from being bullied when they were 15 years old.
Later she saves Sam's life and is disappointed when he won't leave town with her.
In the present Amy is in her late 20s and has settled down with a job, a mortgage and an 11 year old son and is very surprised to see Sam again.

Also being cast is a possible recurring "terrifying hit man" in his 30s/40s who is described as "scary like Javier Bardem in "No Country For Old Men""

In keeping with the apparent theme of "redundant," I'm going to repeat what others have already said and point out that this plot of Sam re-encountering a girl from his past who is now a settled-down mom of a tweenaged son sounds awfully...familiar. I know they have to create a Dean-lite episode for Jensen to direct, but it would have been nice if they'd come up with something all new. However, since I know that Andrew Dabb & Daniel Loflin wrote this episode, I'm glad Dean isn't in it much since they both seem to enjoy making Dean look like a pathetic loser (q.v. "Yellow Fever," "After School Special," "Dark Side of the Moon.")

As for the "terrifying hit man" in the possibly recurring role, I wonder if this is part of the "outlaw" theme. That would be funny because you're not really an outlaw if the person who's after you is a psychopath who's outside of the law himself, but considering how ass-backward this year's attempt at noir was, I wouldn't be surprised if this is it.

All in all, not very promising.
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