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Man, the silence that greets each new ep of SPN here on LJ is really depressing. I just feel like people have totally given up. I'd go over to TWoP but those boards have always been boring as fuck with all their ban-happy bullshit rules about what you can and can't talk about.

But, like the rest of you, I don't seem to have anything to say. There just isn't anything to react to or discuss. I hadn't realized until Castiel was gone how much he'd held my interest for the past couple of seasons -- really, the last truly great episode (for me) was "The End" and that was a whopping two years ago. Got a lot of fic out of that one, anyway. But now it's just so blah. Dean continues to be pretty as ever but there's nothing to get worked up about. I want something to HAPPEN for God's sake, but the show really feels like it's run out of gas. Maybe seven years is just too long for a series like this.

The Vampire Diaries is kicking ass, but you know...that's only in it's third season. Four years from now, will there still be stories left to tell about Elena and Damon and Klaus etc.? Maybe genre shows like this simply don't have legs.

I wonder what SPN could have done to keep momentum. Letting Kripke basically end the show back in Season 5 was probably a shitty idea (ya think?). It might have helped to give good writers like Jeremy Carver a reaon to stick around, and they're not going to get much out of Ben Edlund now that they've more or less written out one of his favorite characters. And of course, the reins of the show should never have been handed over to Sera Gamble. I read that the show lost 25% of its audience by the end of Season 6. Those people have not come back. I think it's pretty safe to lay the blame for that at Gamble's feet.

Whatevs, I guess. It was a pretty good run there for a while. I became a fan in 2007 so that's...almost four years. Not bad.

I've got that displaced, "girl without a fandom" feeling, though. I hate that. I started a new job in August and I don't like it much and feel like I could use some distraction, but at the same time, I'm so tired that I don't think I could drum up the energy for fandom. Maybe that's part of the reason why I'm not into the show this year. Yesterday I didn't get home from work until almost 8:30. It was a shitty day and really, all I wanted to do was crawl into bed. I practically dozed off during the episode. On the weekends now, I stay in bed until almost 10:00 am -- I haven't done that in years. Everything is so shitty. You make a move like this thinking things are gonna get better and they just get worse. That's been the whole pattern of my life. Every time I try to make things better they get worse.

Everything sucks.
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Do you ever reach the point where everything has gone so wrong for so long that you begin to believe that it all means that something very good is bound to happen very soon? I think that's what they call "magical thinking," isn't it? And magical thinking never works out, does it?

On a completely unrelated note, I have, incredibly, only just now noticed how much Sera Gamble looks like all of those identical brunettes that have populated the SPN universe, especially the ones who wound up sleeping with Sam. Of course all of those women were actresses so they were all "professionally pretty" but Gamble is definitely in their mold if not in their league. It's like, if you were going to cast an actress to play "Sera Gamble," you could have picked any of those women. Including Genevieve Padalecki (nee Cortese). And to think, all these years I thought Kripke was responsible for the parade of lookalikes. Huh.


Feb. 15th, 2011 10:37 pm
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An old boss of mine has a fairly high-level position at a prominent media company and I really want to contact him about helping me get a job there. Problem is, when he was my boss, I was just his secretary, so he doesn't really know anything about my capabilities in this field...I almost feel like I'd be asking him to give a dishonest recommendation because he never worked with me at that level. Also, the last time I saw him was something like seven years ago. We have mutual friends so we sometimes turn up as cc's on the same emails, and we're connected on LinkedIn, but that's about it.

I suck at networking. Any tips on how to contact this guy without making a complete ass out of myself?

While we're on the subject, there's a small publishing company based in Portland, Maine and I'd love to send them a cold cover letter and resume. It's highly doubtful they'll ever have any positions to fill -- they only publish a couple of magazines and their entire staff is about a dozen people at most. Would it be ridiculous to write to the publisher and just introduce myself and say something along the lines of "if you ever have any openings" etc? Or would I be...making a complete ass out of myself?


Feb. 1st, 2011 06:40 pm
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Has anyone ever had any kind of "healing" or "energy cleansing" work done, either on yourself, your home, a place you were about to move into, or anything like that?

There's a new reality show on HGTV called Selling New York about NY real estate and a co-worker was telling me about this weekend's episode. It focused on this apartment that in spite of all its advantages simply would not sell. No one could figure out why. Finally the realtor brought in someone to "cleanse" its energy -- and apparently they got an offer on the apartment within three weeks. I looked up the guy who did it and found an article in the Daily News from two years ago. The article said this particular...healer (psychic? shaman?) only works directly with realtors. But it also profiled a woman named Sondra Shaye who owns a healing practice in Brooklyn with the promising name of Archangel Healing Light Center. She does both personal healings and property cleansing.

You can visit her website here: http://www.archangelhealinglightcenter.com/My_Homepage_Files/Page36.html

You can read the Daily News article here:

My first reaction to such things is that these people are modern-day snakeoil salesmen, taking advantage of the desperate. After all, they've got the perfect racket -- offer salvation to people at the end of their ropes, for a tidy fee. Then of course if it doesn't work, it's because the client wasn't "open" enough or some shit.

But I'm heading in this direction because let me tell you -- I've been on a downward spiral for years and don't know how to get out of it. My health, my finances, my family, my general emotional state -- all disastrous. I feel like my apartment is absolutely toxic and like I myself am filled up with garbage. My most recent attempt at improvement was a chiropractor...and yesterday I decided to discontinue seeing him, upon his own advice, because none of it was working. All my other attempts to turn myself around -- traditional medicine, yoga, meditation, diet, physical therapy, religion -- have all failed too. I had joked with the chiropractor when I first saw him that he was my last stop before calling in a shaman. Maybe it's time to call in a shaman. I'm at the point where I don't care what it costs. But I'd love some first-hand experiences, if you've got any, and would also love to know how much it cost you, if you're comfortable with sharing that. Thanks.
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I called the radiologist today to make an appointment for a mammogram. I haven't had one in...well, I'm not gonna tell you because some of you well-meaning types will yell at me :) Anwyay, she said they had an opening next Monday, Feb. 7th. I have a conflict that day and couldn't do it. Her next appointment was Monday, Feb 14th.

I said, "That's fine."

She said, "Oh...that's Valentine's Day."

I sat there in silence for a moment. "Well...yeah," I said. "Valentine's Day is um...Valentine's Day."

"That's okay?"

"Yeah. That's fine."

So she booked the appointment and I hung up and suddenly I realized that she had probably thought I might have something, I don't know, better to do after work on Valentine's Day than get my tits crushed and nuked. I do not. In fact, getting my tits crushed and nuked will be the most Valentine's Day action my tits (or me) have gotten in years.

I couldn't wait to get home and have a smoke and a drink. It takes the edge off. Not much, but enough.
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I don't think I can work anymore. Not where I work and not what I do. It's been a good(ish) run, but I'm done. When you have piles of work on your desk, a few dozen unanswered emails and the big red message light always lit up on your phone, and yet all you seem able to do is sit there and stare at the top of your desk, letting your eyes drift out of focus...I'd say that's critical mass. I'm gonna blow like that oil rig. Whatever will I do to support myself?


Nov. 29th, 2009 07:50 pm
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"Wretched" is very much my favorite new word and I intend to use it at every available chance. As in "I had a wretched Thanksgiving" and "My long weekend was utterly wretched." I also like the noun, "wretch," as in "I am a miserable wretch."

Here, look at this:


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